How To Make The Most Of Your Self-Hypnosis Sessions

Self-hypnosis is a safe method of creating positive change in your life. Despite the stage reputation of hypnosis, actual hypnosis is gentle and effective -- though you have to know how to get the most out of it so that it doesn't just turn into another nap. You can't approach hypnosis haphazardly. This is one method of change where being less improvisational is better.

Be Sure of Your Specific Goal

You might have a goal in mind for something like stopping smoking or losing weight. Instead of having vague goals like that, it helps to get more specific. Why do you want to stop smoking, or why do you feel you have to if you don't want to (for example, you like smoking, but you want to stay healthy in the future, so you want to stop smoking now)? Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for yourself or because of societal pressure? You don't have to get so specific that you concentrate on losing a specific number of pounds or on reducing your cigarette consumption in a certain pattern. Just get very clear on what you want to do by figuring out why you want to do it.

That Quiet, Comfortable Place to Sit

Hypnosis, like other relaxation and meditation methods, requires that you find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where you won't be disturbed. It's not a good idea to lie down because you could fall asleep instead of completing the hypnosis session. But if you live in a small, crowded place, that quiet, comfortable chair or couch could be a laughable goal for you. Do what you can to sit so that you're not tense -- get a chair with a back -- and wear earplugs to block out noise. If you're using a CD to guide you through the session, use earbuds under industrial hearing protectors. It will look odd, but it will work and keep out a lot of outside noise.

Tight Clothing

In the same vein is the need to loosen tight clothing. Pajamas are good for this if you feel awkward sitting with your jeans button undone. Loosen belts, ties, choker jewelry, and shoes, and remove hair accessories that might be dragging down on your head. If you have a heavy bun hairstyle right now, undo it so the weight of the bun doesn't distract you.

Don't Rush It

Take things very slowly. Read all instructions, and take your time with the session until you're more familiar with the sequence of events and words. Even after that, be careful that you don't cut corners. Rushing self-hypnosis only makes it less likely to work.

It may take some time to find a self-hypnosis routine that works well for you. It's advisable to have a recording, either of your own voice or from a commercially produced hypnosis CD like one from Dick Sutphen, to guide you through the session so you're not stopping every few minutes to think about what you have to do next.