Four Signs That Your Teenage Daughter May Be Suffering From An Eating Disorder

There are many teenage girls who suffer from an eating disorder and do not get the care that they need because their parents do not realize that they have an issue. It is important to make sure that a disorder is treated as soon as possible in order for a teen to have long term physical repercussions from the illness. The following guide walks you through a few signs that your daughter may have an eating disorder that needs to be treated:

Avoiding Eating in Front of Others

When someone has an eating disorder, they often become secluded and do not want to eat in front of people. This may be because they feel that people are judging how much food they are eating or because they are worried that someone will notice that they are not eating enough food. Try to have dinner together as a family each day so that you can notice if your child stops eating regularly.

Avoiding Foods that Are Not Healthy

When a teenager starts to develop an eating disorder, she may start to avoid foods that she once loved for fear that they will make her gain weight. Take notice if your child suddenly wants to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, if she once ate chips and candy. A sudden change in diet could indicate a change in the way that she feels about herself.

A Sudden Obsession with Exercise

Someone who has an eating disorder will sometimes turn to exercise to help them lose weight in a shorter period of time. Excessive amounts of exercise are not good for a growing body because it can cause muscles and joints to become damaged. Pay attention to make sure that your child does not want to exercise nonstop when they barely got any exercise in the past.

A Sudden Drop in Weight

If you notice that your child has suddenly started losing a lot of weight in a very short period of time, it should serve as a red flag for you that something is wrong. Losing weight too quickly can cause your child's growth to be stunted. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, consider taking your daughter to see a therapist that specializes in eating disorder treatment. They will be able to help your daughter understand why she feels the way that she feels and help her get the treatment that she needs to manage the disorder and live a healthy life.

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