Benefits of Starting Marriage Therapy Before Things Get Bad

Most people think of marriage therapy as something to pursue when their marriage starts suffering and they start fighting all the time. Indeed, therapy is a good choice in these situations. However, it's becoming more common for couples to see a marriage therapist when things are going well — or before there are problems. As it turns out, allowing therapy to take this preventative role in your life comes with a lot of benefits.

1. You learn to communicate well.

Most people agree that communication is the key to a healthy marriage. But unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how to communicate as effectively as they would like. A marriage therapist can teach you skills for communicating clearly and effectively with your spouse. You will have an easier time expressing your needs to your spouse and you'll be better able to understand what they are telling you.

2. You'll get input on big life changes and transitions.

When something big happens in your life, you might not be sure how to handle it. You and your spouse may not completely agree, especially when emotions running high. You may struggle to compromise and make a decision. When you're working with a therapist, they can offer some outside, neutral perspective on the situation and help guide you as you decide how to deal with it. This outside perspective can get you both out of your heads and think about the problem clearly.

3. You'll have space where you feel comfortable relaxing and being open.

Especially when you lead a really busy life, it can be hard to slow down, relax, and open up to your spouse. When you make a habit of attending marriage therapy sessions, the therapist's office becomes this place where you can relax, open up, and focus on communicating. Knowing you have this time scheduled and set aside each week can make it easier to deal with various conflicts and conversations that come up between therapy sessions. You can remind yourself of things to bring up in therapy so you can set the feeling aside and address it at a better time. 

Marriage therapy is not just for struggling couples. It's for all couples. Make an appointment with a marriage therapist in your area, and get ready to open up. It can be incredibly rewarding to learn to communicate with your spouse better and to have a dedicated space where this communication is your focus.