Four Ways To Maximize Ibogaine Treatment

In recent years, psychedelic substances such as ibogaine have made a positive impact on addiction treatment. However, it is important to understand these substances are still being researched and are not miracle cures for addiction. When used properly, ibogaine may help you break an opiate addiction, but there are several people who find they relapse even after ibogaine therapy. Here are three ways to maximize your ibogaine treatment and give yourself the best chance of moving toward a substance-free life. 

Understand How ibogaine Works

When you develop an addiction to a substance, receptors in your brain continually crave more stimulation. Ibogaine can block certain receptors, which disrupts the process of addiction. This means that when you are ready to stop using opiates, ibogaine may reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and your cravings. At the amounts needed to achieve this effect, it is also likely that you will develop a dream-like state of introspection, which can be used to learn more about your addiction and what needs it is filling in your life. 

Understand the Limits of ibogaine

If going to a treatment program for a week and being addiction-free sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Ibogaine disrupts addiction, but it doesn't necessarily solve the underlying issues that caused your addiction. It usually works best as a single component of a larger treatment plan which may include adjustments to your current living situation and individual or group therapy to support your transition to a substance-free lifestyle. 

Work With an Experienced Treatment Center

Like many substances, ibogaine has potential negative side effects. It is important you work with an experienced treatment center to prepare for your treatment and determine your optimum dosage. Additionally, many treatment centers will offer guided therapy during your ibogaine experience and individual or group therapy to help you get started in the right direction after your initial treatment. 

Know You Might Need a Second Treatment

Many people experience the positive effects of ibogaine for anywhere from two to six months. During that time, it is critical for you to work on your underlying addiction. However, if you find you are not making progress in that period, you may want to discuss a second, longer in-patient program at a treatment center to extend the length of your reduced cravings. 

If you think ibogaine treatment can help you, it is important to contact an experienced treatment facility and make a plan that suits your individual needs.