Is An Intensive Outpatient Program Beneficial? What You Need To Know

An intensive outpatient program is a treatment method for treating drug and alcohol abuse. These programs are also helpful for those who deal with mental health disorders. This is an outpatient program that mimics an inpatient program. The main difference is the fact that you can go home each day after spending several hours in your treatment programs. The goal is to heal and create a happier life for yourself. If you are debating between an inpatient program and an outpatient intensive program, the following information may be helpful.

Do You Get Adequate Care on an Outpatient Basis?

One concern you might have is whether or not you will get the proper care as an outpatient. A great benefit of this intensive program is the fact that it can be structured based on your needs. If your counselor believes you need a higher level of care, the outpatient program can be structured for you. An intensive program provides higher levels of support because you will spend hours each day working on your healing journey. If your counselor identifies you benefit from more of one therapy type and less of another provided within the treatment options within the program, it can be adjusted to ensure you get the most out of it.

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program the Best Option?

Whether or not an intensive outpatient program is best for you depends on your own set of needs. If you are in need of detox, for instance, an inpatient program may be best. You can follow up an inpatient program with an intensive outpatient program for ongoing support.

Who Benefits Most from an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program is best for you if you have a support system at home. You should have people surrounding you who are committed to helping you through your recovery process. You should have solid transportation so that you can travel to and from your sessions. If you need to take medication as part of your treatment, you must be willing to stay on the prescribed medication to ensure you do not suffer from withdrawal. You also must be ready and willing to recover. You must be disciplined to attend all your treatments to benefit fully from the program. In addition, you must be willing to understand that this program takes a time commitment. These programs require hours of treatment several days a week for several months at a time, on average.

What Therapies Are Included?

There are several types of therapy you will have as you go through an intensive outpatient program. Group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication therapy are only a few of the therapies you may have as you go through the program.

For more information on an intensive outpatient therapy program, contact a professional near you.